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Good Reasons To Include Ireland To Your List OF Must-Visit Destinations

destination ideas gold coastEver wondered what the country of Ireland has to offer to travellers? Wonder no more. Ireland is a marvellous place to visit because of its fascinating history, spectacular scenery and unique culture. Here are some reasons include you should include Ireland to your list of must-visit destinations:

Exciting cities

Active cities such as Dublin will give the young generation a blast with its exciting social life, bars and great eateries. Travellers will also appreciate the beautiful parks, fine architecture and spectacular view over the Irish Sea.

Other points of interest for many travellers is Galway and Cork. There’s plenty of things to like in these counties, including good scenery, historic sites, traditional events, sophisticated festivities, parades and exhibitions.

Serene beautiful landscape

Slieve League is one of the spectacular places to see and the country’s highest sea cliff. You will appreciate the stunning coastal landscape as you drive along the winding coastal road. The long road, about 9000 miles, will allow tourist to fully enjoy the astonishingly attractive scenery. Inland waterways, rural bog lands, pebbly beaches and enormous mountains, there a lot of lovely sights to appreciate in both counties.

Rich History

The country has a lot to tell about its history. Much of the history dates back to the ancient times, you will find it interesting to see old aged sites, magnificent houses, museums and castles. A stop at Country Meath will inspire you to appreciate arts and archeological sites. The experience you will have from these places will give you a greater appreciation of the local tradition.