The Top Stadiums Any Sports Fan Should Visit

dodger stadium

Even if it’s not the home of your favourite sport, visiting stadiums of various games and teams around the world is a lot of fun for almost any sports fan. Nothing compares to seeing what you see on TV in person, especially if you’re lucky enough to attend a game and feel the atmosphere of game day. Here’s our top picks for stadiums around the world to see on your travels.

Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain
Home of FC Barcelona, this is one the most impressive football stadiums in the world. With a capacity of almost 100,000, this is where many of the football greats have played.
There’s stadiums tours for different budgets, and the museum is full of club history. It’s awe-inspiring to see the stadium in person.

Bell Centre – Montreal, Canada
This is the North America’s National Hockey League’s biggest ice hockey arena. Hearing the fans go wild during a Montreal Canadiens game is just part of the amazing atmosphere at Bell Centre. It’s in Downtown Montreal, so it’s easy to plan a day around visiting the arena.

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, USA
This is one of the Major League’s oldest ballparks, and every year countless sports fans make the pilgrimage to this iconic stadium. The World Championship and World Series games are played here, and there’s a lot of history within the stadium’s walls.

Wembley Stadium – London, England
Wembley Stadium is London’s premier football stadium, but it also hosts concerts as well. Tour the legendary stadium on their guided tours and learn about all the history the stadium holds. They even hold children’s birthday parties – imagine being that lucky little football fan!

There you have it, sports fans! Whether you love football, baseball, hockey, or another sport altogether, these stadiums are all fantastic places to visit. We definitely recommend taking the stadium tours where possible; nothing compares to seeing the pitches or arenas in person, and standing where the players themselves stand.

Good Reasons To Include Ireland To Your List OF Must-Visit Destinations

destination ideas gold coastEver wondered what the country of Ireland has to offer to travellers? Wonder no more. Ireland is a marvellous place to visit because of its fascinating history, spectacular scenery and unique culture. Here are some reasons include you should include Ireland to your list of must-visit destinations:

Exciting cities

Active cities such as Dublin will give the young generation a blast with its exciting social life, bars and great eateries. Travellers will also appreciate the beautiful parks, fine architecture and spectacular view over the Irish Sea.

Other points of interest for many travellers is Galway and Cork. There’s plenty of things to like in these counties, including good scenery, historic sites, traditional events, sophisticated festivities, parades and exhibitions.

Serene beautiful landscape

Slieve League is one of the spectacular places to see and the country’s highest sea cliff. You will appreciate the stunning coastal landscape as you drive along the winding coastal road. The long road, about 9000 miles, will allow tourist to fully enjoy the astonishingly attractive scenery. Inland waterways, rural bog lands, pebbly beaches and enormous mountains, there a lot of lovely sights to appreciate in both counties.

Rich History

The country has a lot to tell about its history. Much of the history dates back to the ancient times, you will find it interesting to see old aged sites, magnificent houses, museums and castles. A stop at Country Meath will inspire you to appreciate arts and archeological sites. The experience you will have from these places will give you a greater appreciation of the local tradition.

Tips For Traveling To South Korea For The First Time

travel tips gold coastAre you visiting Korea for the first time? Travelling for the first time can be daunting so arm yourself with these useful travel tips to South Korea.

Do not take the airport taxi. Once you landed to Korea, do not take the airport taxis because they are really quite overpriced. You can find other ways of transportation like the subway trains as they are connected to airports. Korea has good public transportation system so you do not really need a car to go around.

Get a transportation card. Tmoney and Cashbee are examples of transportation cards you can purchase at some type of convenience stores at the airport. What you do with this card is you load it up with money and it goes for subways, buses and taxis. You may also use these cards to buy some things as many stores accept these cards.

Use Airbnb. There are so many good Airbnb places to rent, especially if you are travelling with a group of friends. It is also interesting to note that most Airbnb places use battery powered electronic access and sometimes those batteries run out. In case it happens to run out, all you need is a 9-volt batter and plug it on the little spot on the side to make it operational again. Once you get in, you can change the battery inside.

Get an app for the subway. The Subway (Ji Ha Cheol) app is one of the reliable apps you can use. There is a good reason why this app is a popular redition of the Seoul subway map. It is accurate, detailed and provides information about which car is closest to your transfer.

Reasons Why You Need To Bring A Tripod When Travelling

travel tips redbank plainsIf you are a professional traveller and mostly document your adventures, you are mostly using a tripod as part of your essential toolkit. Whether you are hiking in the mountain of Nepal or wandering the streets of Italy, you will need a good working tripod.

Here are some reasons why you need a tripod when travelling:

Do you really need a tripod? Well, not everyone needs a tripod. But, if you really want to capture professionally sharp images of sunset, landscapes, time-lapse video, low light situations, and so on, then a lightweight travel tripod is important for you.

A tripod is also good if you are travelling by yourself since you can take selfies with the use of it. You can also use this for vlogging since your friends will not want to wake up early in the morning just to hold a camera for you.

Features of tripod

Materials. Aluminium and carbon fibre are the most usual materials tripods are made of. Choose carbon fibre since it is more lightweight and stronger and do not rust easily unlike aluminium. However, it is more expensive, but if you are always on the road, this will be a good investment.

Height, folding size and weight. These are all essentials because you want to make sure that your tripod can fold up and easily fit your backpack. You also want the height to be just right. There are smaller tripods which weigh less and will limit your options in framing. There are others that can extend up to six feet. So choose well.

The weight also is a consideration since you do not want it to be too heavy as you do not want it to be a burden as you travel the city or go hiking. Lightweight tripods are more expensive. So try to find where your budget will take you and see if the weight is just good for you.

Travel Plan – How To Make It Successful?

Are you planning to travel to another place? Before going anywhere, remember to make a travel plan to make your journey a successful experience. Here’s what you can do to create a good travel plan.

travel safety leichhardtDetermine the place you want to visit. When deciding on a travel destination, look for information about the tourist spots in the area, current events, the best time to travel and mode of transportation to that destination. Also, it is important to know if that location is within your current budget.

Consider your travel budget. Your budget can be a determining factor to accomplish your travel plan. Know how much money you can comfortably spend on your chosen destination, and make a plan accordingly.

Make a hotel reservation. Book your hotel in your chosen location to make sure that you have a place to stay when you get there. This way you will not have to worry about finding a place to stay or deal with a fully booked hotel when you get there.

List all touring spots that will fit your time and money. If some of your friends have visited that place before, you may find good information from them. You also find information from the Internet, travel sites and forums and blogs.

Plan activities to do. In most touring spots, you can find interesting things to do and there’s definitely something for you in the list of best things to do in the place you intend to travel to. Try to do something new.

Get on with new food. Trying new food is one of the best parts of travelling.
Not only you can enjoy to see new places and experience different cultures, trying new food can make your journey more enjoyable.

Travelling is a great way to get out of life’s daily routine. Whether you travel alone or with friends, you can make it successful when you are well prepared for the journey.