Travel Around The World – Inspiring Places To Travel

travel the worldMost of those who like to travel admit that travelling leaves them speechless and they often become great storytellers. If you are thinking of travelling around the world, here are some great places that will also leave you in awe and inspire you to travel today:

The Great Barrier Reef

Found in North Eastern Australia, this part of the ocean can mostly be seen from Outer Space and is considered the largest living ecosystem on the planet. The Great Barrier Reef is 2,300km long and is made of thousands of reefs and islands which is comprised of different coral types. This colourful ecosystem is also made of different types of shells, fishes, turtles, sharks, starfish, dolphins, and so on.


How about go on a road trip down route 1 in California and start from one end to the next and glorify the beauty of the road while going to San Francisco Bay down to San Diego. While passing through San Francisco you will pass through Santa Barbara, Lost Angeles, Big Sur and Orange County before you finally arrive in San Diego. Going on a road trip to California will let you go camping, swimming on their great beaches and of course taste their delicious food.

How about ride a train around Europe?

Going on an inter-rail pass will allow you to tick a lot of different countries in one trip. It will allow you to delve deep into the European cultures and see their historic cities and towns. You will be able to find the best landscapes and trails that are always picture perfect.